Multiple Payment Networks

We've got the important payment networks covered, including UK FPS, CHAPS and Euro SEPA.

We Offer

SEPA and SEPA Instant

Experience seamless cross-border transactions with our SEPA and SEPA Instant solutions. Perfect for your business needs.


FPS and CHAPS provide you with the speed and reliability you need for your business transactions.

Nordark Instant (ARKIN)

Instantaneous and free transactions in traditional fiat currencies with counterparties within the Nordark Instant Network.

At Nordark, we understand the significance of seamless transactions

SEPA transactions

Seamlessly execute Euro transactions across 36 countries using our streamlined interface and direct SEPA access. Simplify cross-border payments and elevate your financial operations with ease.

Experience the convenience of 24/7 SEPA Instant Payments, enabling you to send money instantly. If SEPA Instant isn't available, we'll seamlessly process it as a regular SEPA transfer, ensuring your payments are delivered efficiently.

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Digital payment interface titled 'Payment' with fields for transaction details. The 'Recipient' field is filled with the name 'Anders Svensson'. Under 'Send from', a selected account is displayed with a European Union flag, labeled 'EUR Account', and showing a balance of $12,505.87 alongside a partially hidden IBAN. The 'Method' field is set to 'SEPA', indicating the payment method being used.
A section titled 'Accounts' displays two listed bank accounts. The first account is labeled as 'EUR Account' with a European Union flag icon and partial IBAN details. The second is a 'GBP Account' with a United Kingdom flag icon and partial SORT code details. Below the accounts, there is an option to '+ Create new Account', suggesting the ability to add additional bank accounts to this interface

UK FPS and Chaps

The Faster Payments UK service ensures fast transaction settlements of up to £1,000,000, exclusively in GBP. It comes with a guaranteed two-hour delivery window, although payments often clear in as little as 15 seconds.

CHAPS, or Clearing House Automated Payment System, started in 1984 as the Bankers Clearing House, later adopting its current name. It's GBP-only, enabling same-day settlements with no transaction value limits.

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Nordark Instant (ARKIN)

Nordark Instant (ARKIN) offers lightning-fast transfers that complete within seconds, not days. Instantaneous transactions in traditional fiat currencies with counterparties within the network.

Nordark is establishing an ever-active settlement infrastructure designed to accommodate the round-the-clock demands of the crypto industry. Through ARKIN, we provide crypto businesses the capability to execute free, instantaneous, and highly secure transactions.

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