Send and receive payments instantly

Seamlessly execute Euro transactions across 36 countries using our streamlined interface and direct SEPA access. Simplify cross-border payments and elevate your financial operations with ease.

Discover the Power of our Instant payments

Nordark makes it easy for businesses to instantly send and receive 24/7/365.

Real-Time Payment Tracking

Gain full visibility into your SEPA Instant Payments with our real-time payment tracking feature.

Optimized Payment Routing

If SEPA Instant isn't available, we'll seamlessly process it as a regular SEPA transfer, ensuring your payments are delivered efficiently.

Instant Money Transfers

Experience the convenience of 24/7 SEPA Instant Payments, enabling you to send money instantly across 36 European countries, day or night.

Effortless SEPA Payments

Step into a realm of streamlined financial transactions with Nordark's SEPA Payments.

  • Seamless Efficiency: Experience the epitome of ease. Our SEPA Payments streamline the process, eliminating unnecessary complexities and ensuring your money reaches its intended recipient smoothly.
  • Reliable Connectivity: With our network spanning 36 European countries, you can rely on us for secure and efficient cross-border transactions.
  • Peace of Mind: Your funds are in safe hands. Rest easy knowing that our optimized payment routing and instant payment capabilities are designed to make your financial transactions hassle-free.

Whether you're sending money instantly via SEPA Instant or opting for our optimized payment routing, we're dedicated to making your cross-border transactions seamless, efficient, and secure.

Digital payment interface titled 'Payment' with fields for transaction details. The 'Recipient' field is filled with the name 'Anders Svensson'. Under 'Send from', a selected account is displayed with a European Union flag, labeled 'EUR Account', and showing a balance of $12,505.87 alongside a partially hidden IBAN. The 'Method' field is set to 'SEPA', indicating the payment method being used.

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