Discover the Power of ARK Instant

ARK Instant Network (ARKIN) is an internal instant payments network for all Nordark users as well as external ARKIN participants.

Discover the Power of our Instant payments

Waiting days for payments is outdated. With Nordark, you can move funds - fiat or crypto - instantly.

Free transfers

Nordark Instant offers lightning-fast transfers that complete within seconds, not days.


Instantaneous transactions in traditional fiat currencies with counterparties within the network.


Leave behind the constraints of cut-off times, operating hours, and weekend closures.

Say goodbye to waiting days for transfers. Nordark's Instant Network ensures speedy transactions in seconds, accompanied by zero fees

Effortless Instant Payments

Step into a realm of streamlined financial transactions with ARK Instant Network (ARKIN).

  • Initiate a payment: Effortlessly conduct payments and receive funds using our unified system capable of seamlessly managing both local and international money transfers.
  • Instant settlement: Achieve real-time, transparent, and traceable cross-border single currency fiat payments.

Nordark is establishing an ever-active settlement infrastructure designed to accommodate the round-the-clock demands of the crypto industry. Through ARKIN, we provide crypto businesses the capability to execute free, instantaneous, and highly secure transactions.

Digital payment interface titled 'Payment' with fields for transaction details. The 'Recipient' field is filled with the name 'Anders Svensson'. Under 'Send from', a selected account is displayed with a European Union flag, labeled 'EUR Account', and showing a balance of $12,505.87 alongside a partially hidden IBAN. The 'Method' field is set to 'SEPA', indicating the payment method being used.
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